Dan Bohmer

For Our Families. For Minnesota. For Us.

Education for Tomorrow

Dan will focus on getting our schools in Greater Minnesota ready for the workforce of tomorrow. He will remove divisive political and social agendas and fight for parents to have more control over their local schools.

Lower Taxes & Spending

Minnesota needs to rein in wasteful spending and put an end to proposed tax increases that hurt us at the pump and our grocery stores. Proposals such as gas taxes will devastate Minnesota tourism. Dan will fight for a balanced, common-sense approach to our state’s budget.

Safer Communities

Our communities rely on our small town values of safety and knowing our neighbors. We see rising crime rates in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area that has a ripple effect throughout our great state. Dan will work to ensure our public safety officers have the training and equipment they need to protect our families and theirs.

Improved Business Climate

Border battles are nothing new, but as the business climate shifts in Minnesota more of our businesses are moving to North Dakota. Dan will fight for business incentives that keep growing businesses right here in our towns so we can continue to prosper.

Dan will also fight for more of our taxpayer dollars to come back to the district and help build the infrastructure we need to mitigate the flooding that impacts area farms and small businesses.